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We have the most complete inventory of fonts in the country. If you don't see something you're looking for please call me and I'll find it for you.
Akzidenz Grotesque 9pt8576
Alternate Gothic No1 w/Vogue Bold Cond. 8pt 2338 10pt1861
Alternate Gothic w/Palisade 18pt6-A
Antique No 1 w/Italic 6pt98
Bank Face-Lino Micro 7pt 10pt 14pt959
Baskerville Bold w/Italic Caps (1new & 1 used) 8pt556
Baskerville w/Italic & Sm Caps 8pt1687 10pt378
Bell Gothic Light w/Bold 6pt418
Bell Gothic w/Bold 6pt3012 8pt2333
Benedictine Book w/Italic & Sm Caps 6pt250 10pt292 12pt258 8pt360
Bernhard Fashion w/Park Ave (1 font) 12pt1991 14pt2304
Beton Medium w/Bold 10pt 1805
Bodoni Bold Cond w/Gothic #13 (90CH) 18pt18B 24pt18B
Bodoni Bold w/Italic 18pt11B
Bodoni Bold w/Italic & Sm Caps 6pt577 8pt692 10pt799 12pt912 14pt959 14pt68
Bodoni Book w/Italic & Sm Caps 7pt94 9pt104 10pt250 14pt 68
Bodoni w/Italic & Sm Caps 14pt94 10pt218
Bold Face No 9 w/Gothic 31 12pt216
Cairo Med w/Heavy  
Caledonia w/Bold 8pt560 14pt286
Caledonia w/Italic & Sm Caps 6pt 47410pt496
Caslon Bold Condensed (L) 1 Letter 18pt163
Caslon No 3 w/Italic & Sm Caps 10pt180
Caslon Old Face Italic (72CH) 18pt171 24pt125
Caslon Old Face w/Italic & Sm Caps 10pt280
Caslon w/Italic & Sm Caps 6pt1551 8pt658
Century Bold Condensed 12pt369
Century Bold w/Italic 12pt926
Century Expanded w/Cheltonian Bold 14pt919
Century Expanded w/Italic & Sm Caps 8pt26 10pt16
Cheltenham Bold (L) 1 Letter 18pt97
Cheltonian Bold Cond w/Italic 10pt805
Cheltonian w/Cheltonian Bold Cond 8pt670 12pt898 14pt949
Cheltonian w/Italic & Sm Caps 14pt942
Cloister Bold w/Italic 8pt1652
Cloister Bold w/Italic & Sm Caps 10pt826
Dominante w/Bold & Sm Caps 8pt6.8 9pt6.8
Engravers Bold #2 w/Gothic #2 6pt212 6pt216
Engravers Old English (72CH) 24pt3521
Excelsior w/Bold & Sm Caps 7.5pt8
Excelsior w/Ital & Sm Caps 10pt386
Fairfield w/Italic & Sm Caps 12pt508 8pt538
Folio w/Bold (Simoncini) 6pt230 7pt230 8pt228 10pt228
Frank Ruehl w/Mirjam (Hebrew) 10pt1804
Futura Bold Cond w/12pt Med Cond. 10pt1863
Futura Bold Cond w/14 Med Cond #2 14pt1036
Futura Bold Cond w/Futura Med Cond 6pt3010 8pt3010 8pt2327 10pt2327 10pt1863 12pt1863
Futura Light w/Medium (German) 10pt154
Futura Medium w/Demibold (2 of 10) 10pt1844
Futura Medium w/Italic 12pt2009
Futura Medium w/Oblique 8pt2317 18pt5F
Garamond Bold #3 w/Italic & Sm Caps 14pt228
Garamond Bold w/Garamond 18pt4G
Garamond Bold w/Italic & Sm Caps 10pt1763 12pt1900 14pt991 8pt1667
Garamond w/Bold 10pt1762 12pt1899 14pt989
Garamond w/Italic & Sm Caps (L) 2 of 8 8pt372 8pt1655 12pt1894
Gothic #13 w/Cheltonian Bold Cond 6pt2066
Gothic #16 (One Letter) 10pt139
Gothic #2 Condensed 1 Letter 14pt3
Gothic #2 w/Gothic #3 12pt136
Gothic Cond No.2 12pt17
Greek Metrolite No.2 6pt448
Helvetica w/Bold 20f8pt 6pt696 8pt696 9pt96 10t696 14pt696
Helvetica w/Italic 8pt698
Helvetica Bold w/Italic 10pt700 12pt700
Helvetica Cond w/Bold Cond 9pt746 10pt746 11pt746 14pt746
Helvetica Light w/Italic 9pt754 10pt754
Helvetica w/Italic 10pt698
Ionic w/Bold 6pt288 7pt122 8pt382
Kenntonian w/Italic & Sm Caps 2of8, 2of10, 2of14 6pt1549 8pt715 10pt817 12pt936 14pt976
Lino Text 18Sm Font 8pt151 12pt109 18pt285
Memphis Light w/Bold 12pt376
Memphis w/Italic 8pt456 10pt418 12pt398
Metro Black w/Light 10pt364 10pt382 12pt302
Metro w/Bold 8pt520
Metrolite No.2 w/Metroblack No.2 12pt492 14pt256 8pt520
Metromedium 1 Letter 24pt205Aux 30pt203Aux 36pt119Aux
Minuet w/Lotus 1 of 12pt 12pt2026 14pt1043
Modern 10pt114
News Gothic Cond w/Bold Cond (2 of 6) 6pt3055
News Gothic w/Bold  
No. 11 w/Gothic Cond #4 6pt570
No. 18 w/Antique Black No.1 5pt18
No.2 w/Gothic #3 8pt70
No. 2 w/Cond Title #3 10pt114
Old Style #1 w/Cheltenham Bold (2 fonts) 12pt126
Old Style #1 w/Cheltenham Bold 6pt124
Old Style #1 w/Antique #1 8pt647
Old Style #1 w/Italic & Sm Caps 8pt30
Old Style w/Italic & Sm Caps 6pt8
Optima Med w/Black 7pt750
Optima w/Bold 7pt8568 8pt8569 9pt8570 10pt8571
Permenant 8pt9.10 10pt9.13
Piransi w/Liberty 14pt1042
Poster Bodoni w/Italic 14pt174
Regal w/Bold 10pt2925
Remington Typewriter w/Underscore 10pt272 10t820 12pt939
Russian Cond #2 w/Antique 6pt 8pt94
Russian #3 Light & Bold 10pt108
Scotch w/Italic & Sm Caps 8pt42 11pt10
Spartan Black Cond w/18pt Spartan Hv (72CH) 24pt122
Spartan Bold w/Italic 18pt102
Spartan Book w/Heavy 9pt216 12pt516 6pt496 8pt592 10pt556
Spartan Book w/Italic & Sm Caps 10pt622
Spartan Circui w/Heavy Teletype 6pt518
Spartan Duplicate Cond Medium 5pt44
Spartan Heavy w/Book 18pt132
Spartan Heavy Cond w/Book Condartan Hv (90CH) 24pt144
Spartan Med w/Heavy (3of8) 8pt558 9pt224 10pt512new
Spartan Med w/Italic (2of12) 6pt480 9pt98 12pt496
Spartan w/Bold 6pt496 10pt556 12pt516
Times Roman w/Italic 12pt568
Times Roman w/Bold 10pt552 12pt570 14pt312
Times Roman w/Italic & Sm Caps 8pt584
Trade Gothic Cond w/Bold Cond Gothic 18 w/20 10pt548 12pt556
Trade Gothic Light w/Italic (Castcraft) 12pt688
Trade Gothic w/Bold 8pt630 10pt548 14pt630
Underwood w/Underscore 10pt822
Universe Extra Bold w/Italic (Castcraft) 12pt409
Universe Light w/Bold (Castcraft) 8pt205
Vogue Bold w/Italic 14pt999 18pt11V
Vogue w/Bold 12pt1910 14pt997
Weiss w/Italic & Sm Caps 8pt2263 9pt2732 10pt1830 11pt864 12pt1970 14pt2291 16pt4462
#1 Lining Litho
#1 Lining Plate Gothic
#1 Lining Plate Gothic Heavy Extended
#12-2 Gothic Light
#2 Light Extended
#2 Lining Litho
#2 Lining Plate Gothic Heavy Extended
#3 Lining Litho
#3 Lining Plate
#3 Lining Plate Gothic Heavy Extended
#4 Gothic Heavy
#4 Gothic Light
#4 Light Extended
#4 Lining Litho
#4 Lining Plate Gothic Heavy Extended
6-3 Lining Plate Gothic
6-4 Lining Plate Gothic
Admiral Script
Artcraft Light
Bank Gothic
Bodoni Black
Bodoni Bold
Bodoni Bold Italic
Bodoni Campanile
Bodoni Italic
Bodoni Light Italic
Caslon Bold
Cheltenham Bold
Cheltenham Expanded
Commerce Gothic Light Cond
Condensed Gothic
Coroner Lt
Coroner Bold
Drawer of Ornaments
Eden Bold
Eden Light
Formal Script
Franklin Gothic
Franklin Gothic Extended Cond
Franklin Gothic Extra Cond
Garamond Bold
Garamond Bold Italic
Gothic Heavy
Goudy Bold
Goudy No. 11 Italic
Goudy No. 11 Light
Karnak Black
Karnak Light
Karnak Obelisk
L.P. Gothic Heavy #1
L.P. Gothic Heavy Cond #1
Lining Plate Gothic Heavy
Mandate Script
Mayfair Cursive
No. 11 Italic
No. 11 Bold
Old English
Parkway Script
Record Gothic
Record Gothic (Dante) Caps
Record Gothic Cond
Record Gothic Med Extended
Society Text
Stellar Bold
Tempo Black
Tempo Black Cond
Tempo Bold
Tempo Bold Cond
Tempo Bold Extended
Tempo Bold Italic
Tempo Cond
Tempo Heavy
Tempo Heavy Alternate
Tempo Heavy Cond
Tempo Heavy Cond Italic
Tempo Heavy Extra Bold
Tempo Heavy Italic
Tempo Light
Tempo Medium
Times New Roman
True Cut Caslon
Ultra Modern
Ultra Modern Bold
Underwood Bold